Friday, November 11, 2011

an american in dallas

When we first visited American Girl Place, 5 just seemed so far away.

But here we are in the last few days of 4, ya'll. Whew.

Lil and her Grammy had been planning this trip for months. The drive from Austin to Dallas was a loooong one. Such excitement... but can you blame her? Serious girl wonderland.

Her Just Like Me doll has been majorly loved. Note my hasty attempt to get her crazy hair fixed up into the only bow I had in my bag. That doll goes through at least 5 wardrobe and hair-do changes a day. An entire section of Lil's room has been devoted to all things American. I love that she's so into it.

She's so into it that her biggest fan happens to have a "boy baby" of his own, thanks to Grammy. My American Boy. His wife is going to thank us all one day. :)

Choosing that doll was a painstaking process. SO many to pick from. But when she came across this one, the decision was made.

And that sweet, happy smile on her face is exactly how I'll remember my girl at not-quite-5. Love you, Lil.

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MissSAM said...

Cute. How was DisneyWorld?